Benefits of A Natural or Organic Granite Cleaner vs Chemical Based Granite Cleaners

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Now that you know how to clean your granite countertops, it is important to know how to choose the type of cleaner you will be applying. A few ideas you should consider before purchasing a cleaner are the chemical make-up and the effectiveness of the product.

As we previously mentioned, cleaning your countertops with harsh and abrasive cleaners can etch the finish and dull the look of your granite. If these cleaners can have this effect on a resilient natural stone, how much more are you affecting your body when you breath in or come in contact with these chemicals? Though our bodies are equally as resilient, wouldn’t it put your mind that much more at ease using a product that has ingredients that are safe for you and your granite?

Currently, there are several brands of organic, natural and other safe to use, granite cleaners and treatments on the market. Marble Maverick by Greenbean, Habitat Organic Granite Cleaner, Method Granite Cleaner or Polish, Next to Godliness all purpose cleaner by Trader Joes, and Supreme Surface Granite, Quartz & Marble Treatment with ioSeal, are just a few that are sold today.

Remember to find a cleaner that is pH-neutral rather than just pH-balanced. Advertising can be misleading and these terms are significantly different, so always check the product information for the specific terminology, pH-neutral.

Bio-degradable, naturally derived, and non-toxic are other good terms to look for when purchasing your cleaner. These terms will ensure that the product is safe to use on food prep areas and will not have accumulative effects on your health when coming into contact with it.

Finally, when purchasing your cleaner, you may ask yourself what you want the cleaner to do for you and your countertops. Do you want the product to have a pleasant scent? Do you want it to be rinse-free, streak-free, residue and build-up free? Do you want it to clean, polish, protect and seal all at once?

If you want a cleaner that is all inclusive, we highly recommend Supreme Surface “All-In-One” (Cleaner, Polish, Sealer) Stone Care, AKA; Granite, Quartz & Marble Treatment with ioSeal. While many cleaners will clean and possibly polish your granite, not many can promise to accomplish all four while being completely safe and naturally derived, but we certainly can!

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The Basics On How To Clean Granite Countertops

Learning how to clean a granite countertop is simple and easy. But, deciding on what products to use for cleaning granite, marble and quartz can be a little confusing. I plan on introducing a few facts that can help you make a more informed decision on how to clean granite countertops in your home and the best cleaners for granite and quartz surfaces.

Lets start off by mentioning that any cleanser for granite can also be used on quartz countertops. Not all granite cleaners are the same or equal. Some do basic functions like cleanse and others clean, condition, seal, polish and protect.  Some are toxic and others are nontoxic and better for our environment. I’m particularly fond of cleaning products that are considered safe for our environment.

Today, granite and quartz are two of the most popular surfaces used for kitchen counters. Before using natural stone and engineered stone (quartz countertops) in the kitchen, most kitchen countertops were solid surface (Corian) or laminate (Formica). Cleaning natural stones such as marble, granite and quartz, require some very basic fundamentals that you need to know.

It’s very simple, when cleaning stone surfaces, always be sure to use a non abrasive and pH balanced or neutral cleaner. This will avoid damaging  the stones surface. Here are a few other qualities that you may want to consider.

Is the granite cleaner also a:

  • Polish
  • Sealer
  • Protectant ( If so, what does it protect against )
  • Does it use ioSeal Protectants
  • Nontoxic or toxic
  • Organic, natural or naturally derived (These are all good)
  • Safe for food prep areas
  • Streak free
  • pH Balanced or pH Neutral
  • Biodegradable
  • Does it require a rinse
  • Does it buildup
  • How often can you or should you use it
In the early days of using granite for kitchen countertops, we only had simple products to choose from. Most people were using nothing more than dish soap and water. In fact, many people still do. Learn more about how to clean and the sustainability of granite countertops. See our listing of top rated cleaners for granite, read our reviews and purchase cleaners from our store.


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